Our Menu

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About our ingredients:

Our signature meats:
Carne Asada – Our Carne Asada is the highest quality steak marinated in our special homemade mix of spices and then flame grilled daily.

Carnitas – We prepare our Carnitas (pulled pork) with an authentic blend of Mexican spices and slow cook it to perfection every day.

Chorizo – This traditional Mexican pork sausage is an icon of Mexican cuisine. We lightly sauteé our chorizo and allow the flavors of this delicious sausage do the talking.

Al Pastor – The most popular  way to prepare pork across Mexico, we have perfected the Al Pastor recipe. Our pork is marinated overnight in pineapple and our signature blend of spices then cooked daily.

Our “canvas”:
Torta – Our tortas are served on authentic telera bread, a type of Mexican baguette, which we bake ourselves.

Taco Salad – Our taco salads are served in taco bowl shells which we make in house every day.

Tortillas – We also have a variety of tortillas available: White, Wheat, Spinach, Chipotle, Sun-Dried Tomato, Jalapeño Cheese, and Garlic Herb.